SOLD Large Mossy Troll 'Bert'

Poseable Mossy Troll Art Doll 'Bert'

Bert is a unique, OOAK (one-of-a-kind) fantasy art doll sculpture. No molds have been taken or used. His head, hands and feet are sculpted in professional polymer clay, hand painted with artist's acrylics and finished with matte and gloss varnishes. He is approx. 15 inches tall, built over a strong wire armature with a soft body. His head, arms and legs are gently poseable. His neck armature is made from a plastic ball and socket armature which allows his head to be repeatedly moved and repositioned - the neck armature will never tire or break.  He has a hand sewn, grubby faux fur body which has been trimmed to various lengths. He wears brown suede shoes and has a variety of moss growing on his body.  Other materials include onyx bead eyes, preserved and faux moss.


This sculpture is not intended as a toy and should be treated as artwork. Dust to clean - do not wet.