HOURLY TUITION - One-to-One Online Tuition per Hour


Hourly Tuition 

One-to-One Online Tuition per Hour

 One Hour of Tuition - Add Your Total Number of Hours Required to Shopping Cart

You do not need to purchase a Deposit alongside Hourly Tuition 

Work alongside Faunley Fae, as if you were right here with her in the Studio!


Learn Victoria's techniques, materials, tips and tricks in one or more of the specific areas that interest you most with One-to-One Hourly tuition from Victoria, the artist of Faunley Fae.

Suitable for beginners or more experienced artists. Focus on an individual subject you choose.

Hourly Tuition can be used on it's own or can be used to top-up if you'd like to add extra elements/techniques to a full online Art Doll Workshop. 


You will receive:

- Hourly One-to-One Tuition via video call workshop sessions, focusing on the area of your choice.

- Two camera views so you can see everything clearly,  plus screen sharing to view any references whilst working.

- List of Materials needed for your area of interest (You must provide your own materials.)

- Pinterest Board of References for use both during the Workshop and after.

- Time between sessions to complete any extra work if needed. 


Hourly sessions can be tailored to focus on areas such as:

(Minimum recommended number of hours in brackets.)

Sculpting a face (4 hours), Sculpting different style faces and expressions (8 hours), Working with flexible Cosclay polymer clay - tips techniques and applications (2 hours), Sculpting hands and feet (4 hours), Designing and assembling a strong, poseable wire armature and how to work with a plastic ball and socket armature (1 hour),  Painting and varnishing your art doll (2 hours), Padding out and refining the body shape (1 hour),  Different methods for adding hair to an art doll (1 hour), Creating clothing and accessories plus aging and distressing (2 hours),  Creating other features such as Wings - multiple techniques (2 hours), Hats and bags (2 hours), Making mushrooms (2 hours) and Tails (1 hour). Or anything else you'd like guidance with.  

Workshop hours can be broken up to include breaks for baking clay, drying time etc. and take place at a time convenient to you. Larger numbers of hours booked can also be broken up into separate sessions over multiple days. 


By the end of the workshop, you will have mastered your topic of interest, ready to continue on in your journey making poseable Art Dolls.


You will need to download the free Zoom app on your device to be able to take part in the Online Sessions. 

If you'd like to learn and save more, you can create an entire art doll from scratch with a full Art Doll Workshop. To cover all the basic skills needed to create a set design, choose the 12 Hour One-to-One Troll Workshop

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